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>Online Security


Intercontinental Bank utilizes the most advanced security available today. We understand the security of your personal and account information is important to you and is equally important to us!

All sensitive information is encrypted and online access requires a personal Intercontinental Bank ID and Password known only to you.

These measures allow us to properly authenticate your identity and prevent anyone other than yourself from accessing your information.




Intercontinental Bank’s Online Banking facility requires all browsers be set to “Accept All Cookies” before accessing account information.

If you choose not to accept a cookie, then you will be required to answer security questions during every login attempt. This measure is an increased security enhancement.

All cookies used by Intercontinental Bank's Online Banking facility are encrypted to ensure data cannot be captured from the cookie in the event a computer should become compromised.

Accepting a cookie from our Online Banking facility will enable Intercontinental Bank’s computer system to recognize both the user and computer allowing quicker access to account information.


>Processing System Security Software


Intercontinental Bank's Online Banking facility is a secure area. All of our internet servers use firewalls, data encryption and virus protection to protect your personal information; all transmissions are encrypted.

New technologies are constantly researched and incorporated into our safety measures. Account numbers are not displayed over the Internet. You may choose your own personal descriptiive name to identify each of your accounts.

Intercontinental Bank takes every step to ensure that no one can view, obtain, or intercept information from this secure area. Additionally, no one can access your account information without a proper Intercontinental Bank ID and Password. Never give your online login information to anyone (Refer to Protecting Online Information below).


>SSL and Firewalls


Intercontinental Bank's Online Banking facility is accessed through a Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”). This means all data transmitted to and from Intercontinental Bank’s computer system is encrypted using the most sophisticated security available to protect your money and privacy.

Additionally, several firewalls prevent unauthorized access to the system and ensure your information is accessible only by using your correct Intercontinental Bank ID and Password.

A series of firewalls and filtering routers verify the source and destination of all traffic to the servers and limits the access that “outside” computers have to Intercontinental Bank’s servers.


>Email Solicitation


Intercontinental Bank will never solicit information (social security numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.) by means of email.
If you receive an email requesting confidential information from someone claiming to represent Intercontinental Bank (despite the use of an official looking email including our logo) DO NOT respond to the email. Please call (305) 263-7900 to report any solicitation of this nature.


>Protecting Online Information


It is very important that only you know your Intercontinental Bank ID and Password. This is the only way your account may be accessed online.

Three (3) unsuccessful attempts to login will lock the User out from accessing the account. If you accidentally activate this security feature by unintentionally miskeying a password, you will need to contact Intercontinental Bank to reset the password for the account.

To further protect your account and information, a timeout feature is used. Your current financial session will automatically log out after a 10–minute period of inactivity on our site.


>Account Numbers Not Visible


Intercontinental Bank does not display account numbers over the Internet. Instead, we ask you to choose a “pseudo” name for each of your accounts.
The pseudo name or alias may be twelve (12) alpha-numeric characters in length; it is not case sensitive, but spaces are not allowed.

Examples of pseudo names would be: Checkingacct, Vacationacct or Savingsaccnt. You can change your “pseudo” account name at any time.


>Intercontinental Bank Online Banking Facility


Every user of Intercontinental Bank Online Banking has a unique ID and Password. If an incorrect Password is entered three (3) consecutive times, the account will be automatically locked. You must call Customer Service at (305) 263-7900 to have the Password reset.

If you are logged-in to the Online Banking facility, but do not perform any activity for ten (10) minutes, the system will automatically log you off. You must re-enter your Intercontinental Bank ID and Password to reconnect.

Do not leave your computer unattended while logged into the Online Banking facility. Log off your online session before visiting other web sites and close your browser when you are finished the online banking session.


>Recommended Internet Security Measures


If you subscribe to an online banking service, then here are a few security measures to help safeguard your PC.

  • Maintain a current subscription to anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware and firewall software.

  • Make sure your operating system and other applications are regularly (weekly, monthly) updated with the latest security patches. Automatic updates work best, as minimal user interaction is required.

  • Avoid using any financial websites while on a public wireless access network.




  • Create a strong password with at least 6 to 12 characters that include a combination of mixed case letters, numbers and special characters.

  • Use a different password for each website you use.

  • Change your password a few times each year.

  • Do not store and/or write down your password where others can see it.

  • Do not share your password with anyone. Each user should have his/her own user name and password.


>Bank Statements


Make it a practice to log-in regularly to check and balance your bank statements. Immediately report any unauthorized transactions to Intercontinental Bank.

>Browser Recommendations


Browser Recommendations
To ensure optimal security and access to all features in our online banking product, we recommend using one of the following browsers:

Windows UsersMacintosh UsersHow do I tell if the site I am on is secure?
Once you get to the site, the Web address will begin with https: ("s" for secure).

The locked padlock at the bottom of the window will confirm the site's increased security. For more details about the encryption status of the page when it was received, click the lock icon.

Important: The lock icon only describes the encryption status of the page while your computer was receiving it.




If you have any questions regarding our Online Security, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at (305) 263-7900.

If you notice suspicious or unusual activity on your Online Banking account, call the Bank immediately at (305) 263-7900.

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